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Yearly Archives: 2012

Road sensors can trigger driver angst

By Steve Wallace, Times Colonist, October 5th, 2012 As I pulled up to the red light, I saw a very strange sight. I was behind a driver in a silver car who had not pulled all the way forward onto… Read More…

On merging, stopping and lighting up

By Steve Wallace, Times Colonist, September 28th, 2012 Following up on last week’s column, more questions from readers: A reader asked what a driver should do when the vehicle ahead on a merge lane approaching the freeway is travelling at… Read More…

Readers have questions, Steve has answers

By Steve Wallace, Times Colonist, September 21st, 2012 Readers’ questions are always welcome. Here are some of the most recent queries. – John H. asked what to do when being threatened by a tailgater. The most common crash on our… Read More…

Driving a physics lesson in time and distance

By Steve Wallace, Times Colonist, August 24th, 2012 The vast majority of new drivers I have taught genuinely believed they could do virtually every driving manoeuvre quicker than they actually could. When I ask a student to go from 0… Read More…

Licensing system in need of an overhaul

By Steve Wallace, Times Colonist, September 7th, 2012 Sometimes, I am mystified by unintended consequences of the best-intended government action, as it pertains to driver licensing and regulation. Here are several examples of well-intended foulups. Learners must display an “L”… Read More…

Courtesy makes a difference on the road

By Steve Wallace, Times Colonist, August 24th, 2012 All drivers have an opportunity to be courteous to other motorists, cyclists and pedestrians each and every time a trip takes place. The other day, I was attempting to exit the gas… Read More…

Knowing your lines a basic safety guideline

By Steve Wallace, Time Colonist, August 17th 2012 The average driver is often mystified by the most basic traffic guidelines: painted pavement lines. Here are some basic rules and some not-so-wellunderstood meanings of traffic-line law. White lines separate traffic travelling… Read More…

Is parallel parking really that important?

By Steve Wallace, The Province, August 17, 2012 My previous column concerning the dubious merits of parallel parking on a driver’s test resulted in sever-al responses worth noting. A former driving instructor liked to teach and observe students while they… Read More…

Braking exercise leaves lasting impression

By Steve Wallace, Times Colonist, May 25, 2012 I was taught to be a driving instructor by the best in the business. Three driving-school owners, with a cumulative 100 years’ experience, taught a three-week instructor’s course that was uniquely comprehensive…. Read More…

Why All the fuss Over Left-foot Braking?

  Are you actually allowed to drive with two feet on a driving test? Left-foot braking is a safe, effective and efficient way for experienced drivers to slow, stop or control a vehicle. Many drivers who learned on a standard… Read More…

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