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Yearly Archives: 2016

More Answers to Readers’ Questions

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, October 14 2016   Barry wants me to answer the question of who actually deserves to be referred to as a professional driver. Those who possess a class 1,2, 3, or 4 driving classification in… Read More…

Cyclists, drivers have to learn to coexist

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, October 7 2016 A reader asked me to be very emphatic when writing about bike riders. She wanted me to remind them to sound a bell, horn or at least call out when approaching pedestrians… Read More…

Lessons learned from south of the border

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, September 30th 2016   Watching professional drivers in their element is always interesting. Larry is the designated bus driver for the Harbourcats baseball club. I had the recent opportunity to sit back and watch him… Read More…

Into the reader mailbag once again

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, September 23rd 2016 After last week’s column, readers really outdid themselves with friendly-fire feedback. Here is the abbreviated version. Michael thinks the geriatric delay in moving on the fresh green solid traffic light is due… Read More…

How other drivers see us on the Island

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, September 16th 2016 There seems to be a geriatric delay at intersection traffic lights that have changed from red to green. This time delay is apparently inexplicable to people who live in much larger cities…. Read More…

Readers weigh in on rules of the road

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, September 9th 2016   Last week’s column resulted in several feedback comments from readers. Here are some of them. Alison wants all school zones to include a “leaving the zone” sign, and all such signs,… Read More…

Once more into the reader mailbag

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, September 2nd 2016 Bryan, who is a grandfather, no longer has kids in school and is not sure which days are actually school days. “Join the club” is all I have to say. He states:… Read More…

Why are school-zone signs so confusing?

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, August 26th 2016 A reader of this column suggests these types of signs are confounding to the average driver. I wholeheartedly agree. It is long past time to end the confusion and danger to our… Read More…

Getting B.C. license not easy for refugees

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, August 19th 2016 Here is an example of frustration that comes from a simple act of kindness. Adult Syrian refugees need their B.C. driver’s licences in order to be employable and to do all sorts… Read More…

The eyes have it for safety on the road

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, August 12th 2016 Where you look has a lot to do with how good or bad a driver you have become. Looking where you’re going is obviously the most important task of any driver. It’s… Read More…

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