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Yearly Archives: 2016

Rookie mistakes for new drivers to avoid

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, July 29th 2016 Following too closely is a common trait of a novice driver. Many honestly believe that a doubling of speed will result in a doubling of braking distance, when in fact it will… Read More…

New drivers ask the darnedest questions

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, August 5th 2016 Practical driving courses usually include a student-directed session: The instructor asks if the student would like to practise a particular skill or head to a specific geographic area. Many request additional practice… Read More…

Another dip into the reader mailbag

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, July 22nd 2016 Wendy wanted to know what drivers are required to do when they encounter emergency vehicles with lights sounding and sirens sounding. Drivers must pull to the closest side of the road, usually… Read More…

Why you should give the brakes a break

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, July 15th 2016 // // The best drivers on the road are the ones who use their brakes the least. This may seem strange to the typical driver, but it is true. Drivers who use… Read More…

Convoys among the safest ways to travel

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, July 8th 2016 The summer holiday driving season is officially upon us. Here is a way to not just survive it, but to thrive amid the highway travelers. Convoy driving, as in the military model… Read More…

Keeping traffic moving is key for teachers

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, June 30th 2016 A “student driver” sign must be clearly visible at the back of every driving-school vehicle when lessons are being conducted, to warn the public of the learner ahead. One of my driving-school colleagues… Read More…

Another dip into readers’ mailbag

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, June 24th 2016 Dwayne asked why there is no warning of the presence or absence of a proper merge lane when visibility is poor entering a freeway or highway.  It’s a valid question.  He also says… Read More…

You have questions, Steve has answers

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, June 17th 2016 More readers’ questions: Bruce wants to know how to handle overly polite drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. They have all waved him on, giving up their own right-of-way, in several circumstances. He is particularly… Read More…

Beware the 100 deadly days of driving

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, May June 10th 2016 The 100 days of summer driving will be the most dangerous of the year. More crashes resulting in death and serious injury occur in this time frame than any other. Here is… Read More…

Driver vs. cyclist, part III: The results

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, June 3rd 2016 For the past three years, I have responded to the challenge of racing former Victoria councillor and dedicated bike commuter John Luton, from a specific location to the finish line at the Starbucks… Read More…

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