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Yearly Archives: 2016

More strange rules from the driving world

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, May 6th 2016 Here are some odd rules, regulations and policies that might raise some eyebrows and alarm bells. Parents of teens taking a driving road test must ask for their son’s or daughter’s permission to… Read More…

School buses deserve your attention

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, May 27th 2016 The British Columbia government has increased the fine for illegally passing a school bus to $368 from $167. This act alone has brought a greater attention to the very real danger faced by… Read More…

Time to get tough on distracted drivers

By Steve Wallace, Times Colonist, April 1st 2016     By now, most people are aware of the B.C. driver who has racked up 14 distracted-driving tickets and thousands of dollars in accompanying fines. There are several things to consider when… Read More…

Put the cellphone down and leave it there

By Steve Wallace, Times Colonist, May 20th 2016   Public Safety Minister Mike Morris, who is responsible for laws governing the driving public, made a landmark, logical and much-awaited decision this week to significantly increase fines and penalties for distracted driving,… Read More…

Lessons from across the continent

Here is some of what I learned in Chicago at the Driving Schools Association of the Americas regional conference and executive meetings earlier this month: When compared with every other licensing jurisdiction in Canada and the United States, we in… Read More…

Dangers lurk in the strangest places

By Steve Wallace, Times Colonist, April 29th 2016   We have all seen strange, odd and dangerous behaviour on our streets. Here are some examples: When we were kids, we were all taught to walk facing traffic. It was deemed to… Read More…

No Easy Ride for New B.C. Drivers

So you think the B.C. driver’s test is easy? Wrong. On the contrary, it is arguably the most difficult and comprehensive test of its kind in North America. Most middle-aged people vividly recall their first driver’s test as a rite… Read More…

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