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Yearly Archives: 2017

The hidden value of a driver’s licence

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, October 20th 2017     There are all sorts of reasons why people want to get a driving licence. Some are obvious, but others are much less so. Putting off the decision might have unintended… Read More…

How best to fix bad driver behaviour?

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, October 13th 2017     Readers had several comments and suggestions in response to last week’s column. Here are some of them. Vicky said the penalties for distracted driving should be at least the same… Read More…

How to fix ICBC: Use a carrot or stick?

      What do you think would happen if the typical driver were compelled to take a driving test because of an accumulation of penalty points, fines or blamable vehicle crashes? The typical driver would fail, miserably. Stopping in… Read More…

Plan ahead for when things go wrong on road

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, September 29th 2017     Unexpected situations are a fact of life on our roads. Having a plan to address them is important. Here are a few examples.   • Smashing a vehicle window to… Read More…

Don’t race when there is no safe space

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, September 22th 2017     Here are some answers to readers’ questions. Rita wanted to know if she can make a legal right turn on a red light if the opposite traffic flow is turning… Read More…

Blockers can save you from a collision

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, September 15th 2017     The T-bone intersection crash is one of the most deadly occurrences on our roads. Here are some techniques every driver can use to place an impediment between themselves and danger…. Read More…

Readers respond with their pet peeves

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, September 8th 2017     Here are some of the driving pet peeves of readers of this column. Lois thinks the term “merge” lane is a misnomer. She would prefer to see the merge sign… Read More…

Students back in school, so pay attention

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, September 1st 2017     School is in once again starting in early September. Statutory school days require all traffic not to exceed 30 kilometres per hour when this speed is displayed on a black-andwhite… Read More…

Watch out for the perils of pedestrians

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, August 25th 2017     Pedestrians are in danger of being killed or seriously injured on a daily basis. So why do they behave in such a fashion as to suggest they have a death… Read More…

Once more into the reader mailbag

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, August 18th 2017     Leo and Max requested a short course on proper roundabout etiquette. Here are the basics. A driver needs only to signal an intention to exit a roundabout. It is a… Read More…

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