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Yearly Archives: 2017

Is it time to bring back photo radar?

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, August 11th 2017   Photo radar in B.C. was discontinued well over a decade ago. There were several reasons for the death of the initiative. They included lack of immediate notification of the offence to… Read More…

How to use the horn – and how not to

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, August 4th 2017 The logical use of the vehicle horn is easy to describe. Most professional drivers will toot the horn once when proceeding forward in tight quarters or when visibility is limited in normal… Read More…

Odd situations in driving instruction

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, July 21st 2017 In the past few decades, many drivers, having lost the use of their legs, have requested a driving lesson to familiarize themselves with hand controls. In every case, these drivers, although experienced,… Read More…

We must get tougher on excessive speed

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, July 14th 2017 In the past few weeks, there have been several instances of extreme speed violations, and discussion about what should be done about the problem. The recent examples of the Ferrari driver caught… Read More…

A refresher on (weird) rules of the road

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, July 7th 2017 Are mobility scooters required to stop at stop signs? They are not, since these types of vehicles are meant to be on sidewalks only. They are intended to function as a means… Read More…

What to teach new students, and when

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, June 30th 2017 When I first took my driving-instructor’s course, there was a very experienced group of teachers who guided me through the whole process of appropriate lesson tasks and the timing of those tasks…. Read More…

Road-going questions that need answers

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, June 23rd 2017 Sometimes, you just have to ask: Why? Readers do it all the time. Why do drive-through bank machines come equipped with a Braille option? Do the banks actually think blind people drive… Read More…

Once again into the trusty reader mailbag

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, June 16th 2017   Here are the latest suggestions and observations from readers. Driving with both the running lights and tail lights illuminated provides a space cushion by creating the illusion of closeness for both… Read More…

The hierarchy of priorities for police

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, June 9th 2017 Among other things, police are entrusted with the responsibility of protecting us from ourselves. Drunk drivers are a scourge in our society. It is only proper that the apprehension of impaired drivers… Read More…

Once more into the reader mailbag

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, June 2nd 2017   The safe following distance for cars was for many years measured by vehicle lengths, but no more. The vehicle length of a Smart car is radically different from a limousine, and… Read More…

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