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Yearly Archives: 2018

Doctors co-opted into ‘war on seniors’

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, September 21st 2018     Seniors driving in B.C. are feeling unfairly set upon. Here is an example of how they are treated differently from any other age group in B.C. Drivers get a notice,… Read More…

There’s better alternatives to a stop sign

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, September 14th 2018     Barry believes he knows why many drivers do not come to a complete stop at stop signs. He maintains there are too many stop signs placed where a simple yield… Read More…

Why do we treat stop signs so casually?

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, September 7th 2018     A stop sign is not an invitation to squeal tires on pavement. Nor is it a place to just slow down while looking around to see if the police are… Read More…

Picking police priorities for enforcement

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, August 31st 2018     Let us suppose that you have become the police representative deciding the traffic enforcement priorities for the coming calendar year. Which would be the logical primaryconcerns to be addressed? Crashes… Read More…

The fine art of backing up like a pro

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, August 24th 2018   There are three reverse gear moves on the B.C. driving road test, and for good reason. A parallel park, straight-line and a three-point turn are most likely included on the provincial… Read More…

How to prepare for a rear-end collision

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, August 17th 2018     The rear-end crash is the most common type of vehicle collision. Despite the latest technological advances, this crash can be very dramatic and result in significant injury, even at relatively… Read More…

You have questions, Steve has answers

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, August 10th 2018     More questions and comments from readers: Jill had a very timely observation of a recent Tim Horton’s TV commercial, in which the young student driver orders a couple of items… Read More…

Decoding the daily cycle of urban cyclists

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, August 3rd 2018     There is a daily unofficial grouping of bike riders in almost every urban environment. Here is what most people see on a regular revolving, unorganized schedule of a “bike cycle”… Read More…

The weird and wonderful on our roads

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, July 27th 2018   It truly is the Wild West out there on the roads this time of year. The good weather not only brings out the free spirit in many, but also results in… Read More…

How to be prepared for a rear-end crash

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, July 20th 2018 What do you do if you know you are about to be hit from behind while stopped at an intersection? Drivers are hit from behind more often than any other type of… Read More…

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