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Yearly Archives: 2018

New driving retests coming for seniors

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, February 16th 2018   The Enhanced Road Assessment, known as ERA, is designed to assess drivers, identified by physicians, who might have cognitive, motor or sensory impairments that could adversely affect their ability to drive…. Read More…

Advice for frustrating driving behaviour

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, February 9th 2018     You are stopped in the left lane of a four-lane, two-way street. The traffic light is solid red. There is no traffic of any kind moving right to left on… Read More…

Headlights can cut crashes and save lives

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, February 2nd 2018     Vehicles appear closer when their lights are illuminated. For this reason, headlights and taillights should be turned on when any motor vehicle is moving. Most drivers do not light up… Read More…

More answers to questions from readers

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, January 26th 2018 More questions from readers: David wanted to know the best time to start driving lessons with a new driver candidate. Should they begin right away, or after several months of supervised practice… Read More…

You have questions, Steve has answers

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, January 19th 2018   At our last driving school convention, a policeman reported the illegal use of the handheld cellphone is about 11 per cent in the U.S. There are no equivalent statistics for Canada… Read More…

Readers offer their New Year’s resolutions

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, January 12th 2018   After last week’s column, several readers replied with their own New Year’s resolutions. Here are some of them. Bennett would lobby government to make it mandatory for every type of transportation… Read More…

The importance of a good shoulder check

By Steve Wallace Times Colonist, January 1st 2018     Most conscientious driving instructors take part in several professional-development exercises. One of them is a ride-check of one another, from the back seat, in a typical driving lesson. My New… Read More…

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