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A refresher on (weird) rules of the road

By Steve Wallace
Times Colonist, July 7th 2017

Roundabouts only require drivers to signal to leave the circle or change lanes within one.

Are mobility scooters required to stop at stop signs?

They are not, since these types of vehicles are meant to be on sidewalks only.
They are intended to function as a means of travel for those who have ambulatory problems, because of a physical disability.
They are not to be used on a roadway, except to cross the street.

There are exceptions, however. Where there is no sidewalk, the mobility scooter must be driven on the side of the road and the rider must respond as any pedestrian would at intersections.
Where there are no sidewalks, scooter riders should face traffic, as any pedestrian is taught to do in grade school.

When did tinted windows become the norm? This situation first became a popular way to curb theft from vehicles.
It was also thought to reduce heat buildup when vehicles were parked in direct sunlight.
The windshield, however, must conform to standard windshield-manufacturing specifications in Canada.

This is not the case in many U.S. states.

School buses will put the red flashing warning lights on when stopped, to let students off the bus.
All traffic behind and approaching must come to a full stop and not proceed until the red flashing lights are off.
Cross traffic can proceed with caution. Oncoming traffic can also proceed if there is a median divider separating the flow of vehicles.

This will often be the case on a multi-lane road.

Many drivers feel bullied on their daily commute.
What should a driver do if someone following is obviously tailgating?
Is it a good idea to pull over on a narrow road to let them pass?

The most important thing is to allow a space for your own escape.
Never pull over unless there is a safety margin.
Waiting for a long straight stretch of roadway is a better option than putting one’s own safety at risk.

Activate the four-way flashers.

This will get the attention of not only the tailgater, but any approaching drivers who might be equally at risk if the tailgater executes an unsafe passing manoeuvre.

The most common crash is the rear-end collision.
Taking steps to avoid being hit from behind is sometimes as easy as changing lanes, selecting a different route or using the shoulder of the road to encourage the offending driver to pass safely.

How do you prevent rats from nesting under the hood of a vehicle?
Odd question, but here is the answer. Put fabric-softener sheets in those places that are most vulnerable, particularly under the hood.
Rats like warmth and gravitate to places where there is heat. They often chew on wires and can render the vehicle immobile.
Rats hate the smell of fabric softener. It will work like a charm.

Roundabouts only require drivers to signal to leave the circle or change lanes within one.
It is a good idea to signal an intention to go left if you wish to continue around the circle and not use the immediate exit, especially when doing a full circle turn to go back the way you came, effectively a legal U-turn.
Some drivers have found it effective to signal left while entering the circle and only signal right when planning to exit.

It attracts attention to their direction of travel.




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