Instructor’s Training Course

We Teach Driving Like Your Life Depends On It

Become an ICBC certified Driving Instructor

GLP practical Instructor Training Course, approved by ICBC.

This is an excellent career development opportunity with both practical and theory instructor training available in one course.

Our school offers the highest-quality instruction, using the most cutting-edge techniques and technologies.

The course meets the highest standard for instructor training, as adopted by the Driving School Association of the Americas. 

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  • Apply for a Driver Instructor’s license approval
    Application for a British Columbia Driver Training Instructor’s Licence
  • $500 refundable deposit (less the cost of the course’s materials) is required to begin the pre-approval process
  • pre-reading of all course materials, guides and textbook (approximately 20 hours)
  • on-road driving assessment
  • pre-course in-class examination (minimum 80% required to continue with the course)
  • 30 hours of observation (in-car & in-class) in order to complete the course
  • minimum of 4-weeks on-site attendance is required (some of the training may be available via Webinar)
  • All course fees are payable upon successfully completing the pre-approval process
  • English as a second language level 8 or higher





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