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Questions for New Students

My Learner Driver’s Licence will expire soon. Can I renew it or do I have to do the computer knowledge test again?

Your Learner Driver’s License is valid for 2 years. If your Learner’s Licence expires, you will need to take the computer knowledge test again.

As an inexperienced untrained driver, how long will it take me to learn to drive?

To suit the specific learning needs/style of each student, our instructors assess their entry-level and, using the progressive lesson system, move the student towards being a confident, licensed driver.

How long does the entire GLP course take?

Students must complete the GLP course within 1 year of their first lesson and the GLP course cannot be completed in less than 2 weeks. Students learn at different rates and in different ways, however, the length of time a brand-new driver takes to master the skills needed to be a safe and competent driver can vary. Taking lessons over several seasons is ideal.  The best drivers are trained through the winter.

The driver education course approved by ICBC offered by Joan Wallace Driving School Consists of 37 hours consisting of:

  • 16-18, hours in the classroom,
  • 8 hours e-learning, including driver simulations done on home computer, and
  • 12 hours in the vehicle.
  • Training car for test included

What driving skills will I learn while training The Wallace Way?

Joan Wallace Driving School prepares students to be confident and safe defensive drivers on the road. Our patient and experienced instructors will teach, enhance and correct your driving skills and ensure that you learn the following:

  • Basic controls of the vehicle
  • ADAS (Automatic Driver Assistance Systems)
  • Preliminary inspection of the vehicle
  • Parking for every situation
  • Space cushion driving
  • Emergency skills
  • Collision avoidance
  • Hazard avoidance
  • Bad weather driving skills
  • Rush hour driving

Can I drive alone with my letter ‘L’?

No, you cannot. As a learner, you must be accompanied by a supervisor who is 25 years or older and holds a valid class five B.C. drivers licence or with a professional driving school instructor. One other person may be in the car at that time.

As a new driver where can I drive with my letter ‘N’?

You can drive anywhere with your letter “N” but you must obey the following novice driver restrictions:

  • You can carry one unrelated passenger and as many family members as there are seat belts in the vehicle.
  • Do not drink alcohol before driving – you must have absolute zero blood alcohol content.
  • You must always clearly display the letter “N” on the back of your car.

Despite the fact that “N” drivers are permitted to carry more than one passenger, the likelihood of a fatal crash occurring increases by nearly 40% for novice drivers with multiple passengers.

Where can I practice for the computerized knowledge test?

What is your company's return policy?

Refunds are available upon request for instructional time not completed.
Funds will be returned at the non-discounted rate and will include a $15 administration fee.

Questions for Exisiting Students

What is Schedule2Drive?

Schedule2Drive is an online scheduling system we use, when you registered we made you a profile. Instructions can be found on the Student Reference Guide that we sent you. Using Schedule2Drive you can book your lessons at your preferred times, make changes and sign off your evaluations after each lesson.

When should I complete my classroom sessions?

We ask that students complete their classroom sessions at least 100 days before their road test date. Dates are posted on the student message board on Schedule2Drive, please call the office to register for your preferred dates.

Who books my road test?

We will book your road test for you, which includes a 90-minute warm up on test day as well as the use of our car for the test. Student consent form is required.

What is the Special Guarantee?

At the advice of the instructor and provided the student logs 40 hours of practice with Schedule2Drive (our online scheduling system, which includes a practise log) and does not commit any driving violations, dangerous actions, or examiner takes control during the road test, we will take the student for one more test (excludes any fees paid to ICBC) at no additional cost to the student.

How do I keep track of my 40 hours of practice?

On Schedule2Drive there is a “Practice Log” where you can add your practice hours as you do them. We periodically check on your Practice Log to make sure you’re up to date, if you aren’t keeping up with your practice we may not be able to book your test on your earliest date.

How can I get text message reminders for lessons?

By logging onto your Schedule2Drive profile, there is an option to “edit your profile,” under that you can select the option to get text reminders 36 hours before your lesson.

What is the TeenSMART Program?

TeenSMART is an 8-hour computer program that uses behavioral intervention methodology and scientifically based instructional technology to identify and address the six factors that cause more than 90% of all teen collisions. This involves computer based tutorials, simulations and a certification test. The TeenSMART program has been proven to reduce teen fatalities while driving by 30%. We offer this to you for free as an optional part of the GLP Program, once started must be completed by test day.

“I Just earned my novice license, and my earliest exam date is two years from now…I thought it was only an 18-month wait?”

As long as you remain at-fault crash free and you aren’t caught violating the “N” license’s restrictions, you will be able to schedule your road test one month prior to being eligible.

For now, they will show you your ‘for sure’ test date – even if you violate the “N” license’s restrictions, you would still be eligible for a road test after 2 years.

“If I’ve scheduled my own test time, can I use one of your cars for my road test?”

Joan Wallace Driving School is responsible for scheduling road tests for our customers, who have completed a minimum of four lessons and their instructor indicates that they are ready for the road test. (see Road Test Package Details for more information)

It is not likely that an individual with their own test time would be able to fit into our schedule but we would try to accommodate your request.

Any time Joan Wallace Driving School schedules a road test for a customer, ICBC expects that customer to use one of our vehicles for their test.

Using your own vehicle for your own test time requires that you have the insurance for drivers with less than 10 years of experience – the vehicle must be safe, properly insured and any safety defects may disqualify the vehicle for the road test





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