We Teach Driving Like Your Life Depends On It

Dear Joan.
Today I just finished having the Driver Refresher Session with John Hawkins. This enabled him to evaluate and determine my driving knowledge and skills should I have to face the driving test.

I wish to inform you that I was extremely impressed with the knowledge of this gentleman, his report, ability and personality as an employee in your business. He passed on more awareness and confidence for what I may require in the practical test.

I am hoping this assessment will be of some assistance to renew my license and satisfy a forth coming report to my doctor.

I believe I am already a cautious driver. However, I have learned more skills to strengthen any weakness in my road navigation. It was noted that I have been driving too slowly where there are community painted road markings which remind the driver to sustain sufficient car speed for traffic flow.

All your staff have been extremely supportive, graceful, informative and helpful. I will certainly recommend your service to others. Your costs and teaching philosophy will save many lives for our community in the future.

Ed Silva-White

[ February 2024 ]

I want to thank you and your instructors for doing such a good job teaching our grandson Arco how to become a very good new driver. He has a lifelong skill that will be a huge benefit to him and to every other road user as well. We all benefit from new drivers having professional training. Arco is very comfortable behind the wheel and is very safety conscious every time he drives.  I’m impressed. Your very effective training resulted in him passing his driver’s test first time around. So, a BIG THANK YOU to everyone in your organization. I know that Steve would have enjoyed teaching Arco too.


[ November 2023 ]

Good afternoon.  This email is to thank everyone in Joan Wallace Driving School.  You guys are the best.  Everyone in the Admin and all the instructors were so great.  I will for sure continue to recommend you to everyone I know.  Both my boys and their cousins had their lessons through Wallace and they all had great experience and positive results.

My son can’t believe that I finally got my N and he was sure that this day won’t come but because of your exemplary instructors I made it.

Again thank you very much to all the four instructors who taught me. I forgot their names.  Kindly let them know that I learned a lot from them.  All the little tips that they gave me made it possible for me to get my N.

More power to your company and may you continue to help the younger and not so young people to gain their independence by having the ability to drive.

Thank you so much.


[ September 2022 ]

Thank you all very much for helping me learn to drive confidently and pass both the Class 7 (L to N) and Class 5 (N to Full) tests!

I tried taking the class 7 test on my own a few times before coming to Wallace Driving School and was unable to progress further in the GLP because the books were not enough to help me prepare.  After taking lessons, I rebuilt my shattered confidence, knew what to expect, and was able to pass the tests with no problem.

I really enjoyed the lessons. All the instructors I had were wonderful!  They were informative, kind, and each had different helpful tips. They taught me how to drive safely, helped me practice various maneuvers, and introduced me to challenges such as strange intersections and the chaos of downtown Victoria’s bike lanes. You couldn’t go wrong picking any of the instructors, but I want to give special thanks to Wade Greenwood who wound up being the main one helping me refresh my memory and practice for my class 5 test.

Thank you all very much,


[ August 2022 ]

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to you guys for helping to get Abby so well prepared for her road test and for driving on her own. We couldn’t be happier with your program and will definitely recommend it to others.

We will be in touch in a year when daughter #2 turns 16!

Thanks again,


[ June 2022 ]

Thanks so much to Wallace for taking me from barely knowing how to drive to getting my N first try:)

The school has lots of driving teachers which means many different tips to draw from & teaching styles. You can pick who your teachers are & that also means there are many lesson times on any given day to fit your schedule.  Once you are a student you can opt to receive text/email letting you know of last minute lessons that come available which can be handy too.

The lessons are literally chock full of tips, guidance & how to’s. You really get your time & your money’s worth. On test day there is also a package available where you go for a usual driving lesson then straight from that to your test using the Wallace car that you’re all warmed up in.

Anyway, thank you Wallace! I’ll continue putting to use all I’ve learned. And to the new student good luck on your driving journey:)


[ June 2022 ]

I had a lesson today with John Hawkins. He was kind, considerate, helpful and informative.
I feel much more confident having spent the time with him and now know a few points to use to better my driving habits.
Please note this on his file.
Grateful thanks,


[ May 2022 ]

Dear Wallace Driving School Team,

A special thanks to all of you for teaching and coaching my daughter, Annie, to become a safe driver.

Your team did an amazing job for which I am very happy and grateful. I look forward to thanking you all properly when I am back in the country.

Very happy mother,


[ May 2022 ]

Hi Jeanette,

I just wanted to let you know Yanni passed with 98%! A big thank you to all his teachers. He said they were all friendly and positive. We will definitely be contacting you again for his younger brother.


Lia and Yanni

[ April 2022 ]

Joan and team: Wanted to thank Wallace Driving School for their training of my son Daniel over the past three months.

Not just the issue that he passed his class 7 exam,  but for the thoroughness of what he was taught.

Daniel had been practicing with me over the last few weeks.

He is confident, poised and knowledgeable with his driving.  This is a reflection of the training he received.

My thanks to all who taught Daniel.

Thank you, Geoff

[ April 2022 ]

Thank you for the excellent presentation yesterday.  Although I don’t really know how to use zoom I somehow managed to see you on the computer and everything that you presented.

I want to get in touch with you next month, as I have a friend who would like to see your program.  We are both grateful to have the opportunity to learn more about safe driving and it’s rules.


Thank you, we learned lots at your Seniors Seminar today.

Lary and Diana

Nanaimo, BC

Hello Joan,

Kibben and I really appreciated your Senior Refresher Zoom today. (Kibben’s laptop ran out of juice just before you ended, hope you didn’t save the best for last!)

We are going to try the Lifelong Driver and probably buy it… there’s no such thing as too much information. This ERA must have been invented by a real sadist.

We will also sign up for road refresher, as it’s been 6 years since his last with you.

Thanks for doing this for Seniors, especially stressed over-80’s.


[April 2022]


I should have emailed before now but I kept forgetting – I had my test for my full license at the end of January and successfully passed my first attempt! I am very grateful to all the teachers I learned with, who’s guidance was incredibly helpful.

Thanks again, my experience with this driving school has been wholly positive and I really appreciate the patience and knowledge of the instructors.

Thanks for everything!


[March 2022]

Just a thank you for providing great lessons for my daughter Sadie who passed her driving test Monday. She had fantastic teaching from your instructors and felt confident.

Cheers, Matt

[March 2022]

Dear Joan,

I don’t really like social media but I did want to send an email to express our thanks as a family to the drives over the last year who have been teaching my son to drive.

A special call out to Larry who did the pre-test drive with both my sons.  They have passed their tests with flying colours “Class 7 N and Class 5”.  They have the confidents through the driving lessons and are now moving on with their diving with the knowledge and skills to be great drivers.

Thank you, Sonya

[February 2022]

Dear Joan,

Thank you so much for your support in getting Katia’s records in place with ICBC. We appreciate it so much. I know it must be frustrating beyond words for you to run such a tight ship with your records and communications and to see other schools be so lax. I hope things shift in your favour in future and that your dedication is acknowledged. We have been well-served by Wallace and will keep recommending to others.

Kind regards,


[February 2022]

Good afternoon,

Earlier today I had a driving lesson with Larry before my Class 5 driving test, and I just wanted to send a quick note to say that Larry was a fantastic instructor. He went above and beyond to ensure I felt comfortable heading into my exam, and he did a great job of outlining what to be prepared for.

Thank you, and Happy Holidays!

Best, Cole

[January 2022]

Dear Staff and Instructors,

I just wanted to say a big thank you for another successful driving course.  You helped my son Liam and now my daughter Megan.

Thank you,


[January 2022]

I just wanted to thank you for everything.

Everyone was very accommodating and helpful!

Robyn wasn’t even very nervous for her test today and she passed with flying colors!

Thank you so much and I will recommend you to everyone I know who needs instruction.

Thanks again,
Terri & Robyn

[March 13th, 2019]

Thank you for my practise session today. I felt confident in my driving before I took the practise, but feel even more confident now. I felt comfortable with Larry as he gave clear instruction and a few extra tips for some new driving things on the roads.

I will recommend both your driving school, as well as Larry to anyone who is looking for a good driving school. It was well worth my time to do this.

Joyce Coward
Victoria, BC

[February 20th, 2019]

Just a short note to thank everyone who was involved in giving Tristan Meager lessons and particularly Rick who took him out before the test and took his picture with his N.
We haven’t been able to help him that much because we have a standard vehicle so we have depended on the instructors at the driving school to prepare him for the test.
Thanks again, we really appreciate your efforts.

Kind Regards,
Mary Thomson and Roger Meager and Tristan

[September 20th, 2018]

Just wanted to extend a warm thank you to all my instructors at the Victoria location.
I passed my road test on the first try this morning!
Thank you for all your patience and assistance.


– Colleen

Hi all,

I took lessons through your company at the end 2017 prior to taking my (successful!) N test.
It has been a busy last few months so I haven’t had a chance to properly say thank you!
When I first started taking lessons, I essentially had no practice, and after 6 classes felt comfortable and safe on the road, and this was largely because of your amazing instructors.
Their balance between clear and straightforward teaching, humour, and kindness was so helpful and refreshing.
It’s been a few months alone on the road now and I’m always using the techniques and tool you guys have passed along.
I really appreciate the work you guys are doing, so thanks again.


Callah Boomhaur
Victoria, BC

[March 26th, 2018]

Hi all,

Sending this email to thank you for all the help through the learning process.

I enjoyed my time with Wallace and am grateful to all the staff and driving instructors who got me where I am.

Your efforts and patience with me are much appreciated!

Rance Mok
Victoria, BC

[July 26th, 2017]

A thank you to Joan Wallace Driving School

for the service and dedication in guiding my daughter through this important rite of passage.

A special thanks to John, Akzana’s instructor. His level manner and experience made a good and lasting impression on Zana.

As a dad it is good to see her drive out of the neighborhood with eyes on the road and safety on her mind.


Ian Klepsch
Duncan, BC

[July 17th, 2017]

We can’t say enough about Joan Wallace Driving School.

My son took the GLP program and loved it.
He really liked his driving instructors, Skip being his favourite, but liked the others too!
They all were patient with his nervousness and gave him so many tips to ensure he became a safe and cautious driver.
Mr. Wallace was very personable and helpful in helping my son do the best he could do for Test Day.
The website was very user friendly for logging in driving hours and information. We will definitely use Joan Wallace Driving School for our 2 upcoming drivers in the years to come.

Thank you Wallace.

Alison Roper-Cairns
Victoria, BC

[June 8th, 2017]





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