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You will be your teen’s primary driving coach during the Learner’s or Instruction Permit phase. The type and amount of supervised driving you do with them will be the most important life-saving lessons you teach them in their lifetime. Join one of the largest online driver coaching communities today by signing up for our new driver training system!

Program BenefitsPEARLSAPHIRE (test ready)EMERALDRUBY
Hours Behind the Wheel66912
Theory hours 6 x 3 hour sessions 018
TrypScore practice hoursoptionaloptionaloptional40403020
teenSMART (value $89.95)
Use of car for test included
Scholarship available $500 offered to 3 top students 12 total

Novice Driver Collisions are the

#1 Cause of Teen Deaths in North America

Driver Inexperience is the number one cause of novice driver collisions. A driver education program or a couple of practice hours is not enough. They will need lots of practice and only you as their primary driving coach can provide them with the practice they need to not only survive but to build a solid foundation for being a safe and responsible driver!

Coaching New Drivers is about community. A community of like-minded parents and guardians of teen drivers determined to decrease the staggering collision, injury and fatality rates of our young drivers.

This program has several components to help us all achieve this mission:

A Program Designed by Crash Investigators

Mike Pehl is a 30-year veteran crash investigator and driving educator. An accident involving a high school friend changed Mike’s life forever and eventually lead him to his life’s passion of helping parents and new drivers avoid tragedies like the one involving his friend and the millions of drivers and families affected by collisions each year.

The Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), an organization representing state highway safety offices, cited parental involvement as the most important factor in keeping young drivers safe on the road: “While development and behavior issues coupled with inexperience impact teen crash risk, parents play a critical role in helping teens survive their most dangerous driving years.”

This parent coaching system has been a great way for my daughter and I to learn together about the best way to approach the daunting task of teaching my teen how to drive. I truly appreciated the "Coaching from the Passenger Seat" program and Mike's direct approach to various situations. I utilized many of the techniques during our practice driving sessions.
Proud Mom of a New Driver

What two moms had to say about our course!


A Parent's Guide to Supervised Driving in the Learner's Stage

Find out how you can be the most important factor in making your teen a safe and responsible driver, while decreasing the probability that the number one cause of novice driver collisions, Driver Inexperience, will play a part in your teen’s first years of driving on their own. This self-guided video series allows you to go at your own pace to match your teen’s progress based on how many hours you can commit per week or how quickly your teen progresses.

12 Steps to Provide the Experience they Need





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