We Teach Driving Like Your Life Depends On It

The Wallace Way includes the use of cutting-edge technologies to enhance our educational process


  • The best online scheduling system on the market today.
  • Designed specifically for driving schools, allowing 24-hour communication between the school and students
  • All student records are available on-demand at any time for both our customers and our staff

  • Creators of the Promethean Board – the most advanced commercially-available smart-board system
  • High-definition projector and speaker system with an 84″ touch-sensitive screen

  • With CLASSFLOW, we can deliver all of our in-class quizzes and tests without printing a single sheet of paper
  • By using CLASSFLOW, our students can join our classroom sessions from the comfort of home



  • Originally developed in 1999, this program was the first driver safety program to identify and address the six behavioral and social factors that cause more than 90% of all teen collisions. It has proven to reduce teen deaths by 30% in the USA. This program is offered to all Graduated Licensing Program(GLP) students, with the approved course
  • This driver-simulation program offers real-world driving challenges for new teen drivers, including distracted driving situations, texting while driving and making traffic safety decisions in split-second timing.*

  • Designed specifically for drivers 55 years and older, Lifelong Driver is a fun and engaging computer-based program that includes realistic driving simulations to quickly sharpen your driving skills. Lifelong Driver helps mature drivers maintain their freedom, mobility and quality of life.*

*Available for purchase on our website





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