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Did you know that you could be rewarded just by driving safely?

TrypScore is a free mobile app that rewards you for driving safe with gift cards, discounts, and exclusive access to exciting contests!
Don’t believe us? Download TrypScore today to start earning rewards.

Start getting rewards today


TrypScore rewards you in 3 easy steps

TrypScore fits your daily narrative; by using the app, you can go about your regular activities while we reward you for driving safely. It’s that hassle-free!

Go on a tryp

Track your practice driving and get an accurate score.

Collect badges

Compete with your friends for the highest score.

Earn rewards

Save money on gas and other car payments.

Your privacy is our priority

TrypScore rewards you for driving safely while keeping your personal information, data, and location safe, private, and secure! Our privacy guarantee means that any data needed to score your driving is instantly anonymized. You’re the one in the driver’s seat, so your information is truly your own.


As a safe driving tool, TrypScore uses your motion data to measure and score your driving accurately so you can learn where to improve. To aid our mission for safer roads, TrypScore utilizes anonymized safety data to advocate for improved roads, legislation, and traffic resources.


Privacy is non-negotiable at TrypScore. We’ve designed and set up TrypScore to anonymize all Tryp data, so no one has access to your location, scores, or personal information except for you and you alone! Our privacy policy states that we will never sell or distribute your personal information, ever!


TrypScore is GDPR compliant and will never sell your data to anyone. That means your
scores, location, and personal information will never be shown to your parents, your
driving school, insurance, advertisers, or anyone else! You can focus on your scores and rewards with peace of mind!


A variety of exciting rewards awaits

For driving safely, we reward you with various prizes including gift cards, discounts, and exclusive contest entries!


You could be the next Drive Free for a Year winner

By downloading TrypScore, you’ll start accumulating entries into the Drive Free for a Year contest. The winner of this exciting contest will receive a monthly cash prize for a FULL YEAR covering the following:

Car Payments

Keep your car maintained and ready for the road.


Get those monthly bills paid for and drive with peace of mind.

Gas Money

Keep those Tryps going knowing your fuel is free for the year.

I highly recommend it!

This app actually has improved my driving habits. The TrypScore team has been amazing to deal with and I truly appreciate them. I appreciate how easy the app is to use and the opportunity to win daily with it, not just with the yearly prize. I highly recommend it! And if you get the opportunity, please download the app and help make our roads safer.

– Lindsey, 2021 Drive Free for a Year Winner


Enjoy challenges and healthy competition

Driving safely doesn’t have to be boring. Compete with your friends by climbing our leaderboards or play the Daily Tryvia.


Join our growing community and start getting rewarded for driving safe


Safe tryps taken


Miles driven


Contest winners

$35,000+ USD

Rewards given


This is a great app to not only help you drive better but also to get rewards along the way. It is also nice to have a competitive nature where you can challenge friends.

– Tom, 19 Oct 2021


I own a driver education school and this is a great app for encouraging safe driving behavior.

– Rich, 10 Oct 2021

What a great way to encourage safe driving! A fun way to reward yourself for taking it easy out there on the roads. Even as a passenger you can have fun with this app. Love it!

– Lisa, 20 Jul 2021

Unique and interesting app! I love that the app has a unique concept. Encourages driver to drive safely and earn rewards at the same time!

– Jasmin, 13 Jul 2021

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Be part of the community and get rewarded today

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