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By proceeding with registering and paying for your lessons, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to all terms and conditions outlined below. Additional information, such as the Student Test Consent Form can be found by clicking on the preceding links.

Unless otherwise indicated, daytime Theory sessions will take place at Joan Wallace Driving School located at 102 – 1620 Cook Street, Victoria B.C. V8T 3P1.  Evening sessions are always on-line. 6 to 9 pm.

Students acknowledge that they have reviewed the contents of the lesson package they are purchasing detailing the length, frequency, and driving time they will receive for each package, and have reviewed the fees for enrollment, tuition, services, equipment, and training vehicle use. Extra charges may be incurred in certain circumstances (additional information below).

Students unable to provide a photo will have their lessons and road tests cancelled or postponed until proof can be provided.

All photographic proof is stored on our secure server.

The spread of COVID-19 is on all our minds and in the news. We’d like to reassure you that all our vehicles are disinfected between lessons, and always have been before this crisis. We are continuing with classroom theory sessions by webinar until further notice.

In-car lessons – Students and Instructors may wear a mask, at the request of either participant.

Booking In-Car Lessons

You may choose your instructor when scheduling your lessons, but because of geographical constraints your chosen instructor is subject to change. We encourage students where possible to use several different instructors to gain a diversity of driving experience, trust us, this will help you come test day!

When booking sessions on Schedule2Drive.com, there is no place to enter where you would like to be picked up and dropped off, so we always assume that your lessons will start and finish at home. If you would like to be picked up from school or another location, please call us at 250 383 7483 or email us at office@joanwallacedrivingschool.com and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

A late change fee of $110 may be charged for changes to your pickup or drop off location made within 24 hours of your Monday to Friday lessons, or $195 if they are made within 24 hours of a weekend lesson. Likewise, no-shows and cancellations made within 24 hours of your lesson are also subject to the above fees.

Our instructors will wait for 15 minutes if you are late for your appointment, but after 15 minutes if you haven’t already contacted the office, your instructor will leave, and a $110 no-show fee will be applied to your account. This must be paid 48 hours before your next lesson.

Dash cams are now in operation in our cars. This means scheduling a lesson with our school you agree to be recorded.  The information will be held for 48 hours. This is for the protection of both staff and student.

Passengers in Training Vehicles

One (1) student is permitted in each training vehicle at a time. One (1) parent/co-pilot are encouraged to ride along, though a maximum of three (3) people can be in a training vehicle at any given time (including the instructor). We are an instructor training school and trainees may ride along from time to time as observers.  Clients will be notified prior to the lesson by the chosen method of contact in schedul2drive.com.

Refund Policy

Refunds are available for instruction time not used at the regular rate, not including the $15 registration fee, upon request.

All theory Sessions on-line

To complete your theory sessions, you will need two devices connected to the internet, including one with a web cam, as these are fully interactive sessions.

You must register for six evening sessions by calling the office. There is room for flexibility between sessions.  Space in each session is limited, so register by calling 250 383-7483, Victoria, 250 737-1991 Duncan. Or email  office@joanwallacedrivingschool.com . We reserve the right to cancel within 24 hours if minimum enrolment is not reached.





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