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Yearly Archives: 2012

Winter driving requires full attention

By Steve Wallace, The Province, December 12th, 2012 There are times when driving with cruise control engaged is an advantage, and others when it is not. Many drivers like using cruise control on long highway trips. It takes the stress… Read More…

Is parallel parking really that important?

By Steve Wallace, The Province, August 17, 2012 My previous column concerning the dubious merits of parallel parking on a driver’s test resulted in sever-al responses worth noting. A former driving instructor liked to teach and observe students while they… Read More…

Why All the fuss Over Left-foot Braking?

  Are you actually allowed to drive with two feet on a driving test? Left-foot braking is a safe, effective and efficient way for experienced drivers to slow, stop or control a vehicle. Many drivers who learned on a standard… Read More…





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