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Yearly Archives: 2018

Silly B.C. driving regulations: Who knew?

    Who knew that driving schools are not permitted to have dashcams operational during driving lessons? This obvious teaching tool is deemed illegal by the present privacy legislation. After a very frank telephone discussion with the deputy privacy commissioner… Read More…

Road-test quirks, pitfalls around B.C.

    Privacy is a big part of the B.C. driving road test. Many parents are surprised to learn they need their teenager’s permission to receive the in-person verbal road-test results from the examiner, once the test is concluded. Most… Read More…

The Importance of a Good Shoulder Check

The Importance of a Good Shoulder Check Most conscientious driving instructors take part in several professional-development exercises. One of these exercises is a ride-check of another driving instructor seated in the back seat during in a typical driving lesson. A… Read More…





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