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Yearly Archives: 2011

Take steps to reduce parking perils

By Steve Wallace, Times Colonist, September 30, 2011 Whenever possible, park close to an exit. When you take the last spot available against a curb, it guarantees that only one vehicle will be parked beside yours. Back your vehicle into… Read More…

It’s that (school) time of year again

Kids are excited to return to school and see all their friends again. They are distracted and not yet accustomed to a regular routine. Drivers have to be extra careful at this time of year. Sadly, many drivers have no… Read More…

Lack of licence, attention irk police

By Steve Wallace, Times Colonist, September 23, 2011 Among the pet peeves cited by traffic-patrol police are drivers who do not have their licences in their possession. Contrary to popular belief, drivers do not have 24 hours to produce the… Read More…

Playground speed zone enforced daily

By Steve Wallace, Times Colonist, September 16, 2011 Playground speed zones can be confusing to drivers. Robin asked a simple question in an email to me last week: “How do we know when to obey playground speed-zone signs and how… Read More…

Tests challenge drivers, examiners

By Steve Wallace, Times Colonist, September 2, 2011 Driving tests can be a stressful experience, but preparation on the part of the driver can go a long way toward making the examination a successful one. If someone asked you to… Read More…

Why fatal crashes are on the decline

By Steve Wallace, Times Colonist, August 26, 2011 More drivers are surviving serious accidents thanks to safety features built into modern cars. About 20 years ago, there were more than 4,000 people killed in car crashes each year in Canada…. Read More…

See the road through the eyes of a cyclist

By Steve Wallace, Times Colonist August 19, 2011 One of the greatest dangers to a cyclist occurs where bike trails intersect with roadways. This month, I rented a bike and went for a ride, just to see the road from… Read More…

Pets a dangerous distraction for drivers

By Steve Wallace, Times Colonist August 12, 2011 It’s vital that pets are properly restrained when riding in vehicles, both for their own safety and yours. The other day I saw a driver attempt to make a left turn with… Read More…

Take a cautious approach to stop lights

By Steve Wallace, Times Colonist August 4, 2011 Never make the decision to stop or go on a solid amber traffic light. If you choose to do so, it is already too late to make a good decision. Most drivers… Read More…

Red light, wrong move, grim result

At intersections, the best idea is to stop for an amber light; the worst is to speed up By Steve Wallace, Times Colonist July 29, 2011 There are several reasons that motivate drivers to proceed through an intersection while the… Read More…

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