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Yearly Archives: 2011

It’s that (school) time of year again

Kids are excited to return to school and see all their friends again. They are distracted and not yet accustomed to a regular routine. Drivers have to be extra careful at this time of year. Sadly, many drivers have no… Read More…

Who Has Right of Way at a Four Way Stop?

First come, first served is the general rule to determine who has right of way at a four way stop, but all that changes if there‚Äôs a pedestrian. Four-way-stop intersections seem simple and straightforward. They are not. Who goes first… Read More…

A key driving decision – What lane should you drive in?

The lack of lane choices, in the early days of automobile travel, made vehicle positioning very simple. Drivers simply followed the driver ahead of them. With the increased number of motorists on the road, it became necessary to build more… Read More…





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