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Suggestions for post-pandemic era



Don had some interesting observations concerning the sensors that change traffic lights in a demand cycle, as opposed to a fixed time interval. The coronavirus threat has caused authorities to disable the push-button function for pedestrians at most regular cycle intersections. This appears to be a one-step forward, and two-steps back situation. Don wants a few catch-up changes to take place once this pandemic is over. He wants cameras at intersections, which would allow present technology to change the traffic lights depending on directional demand of the volume of traffic. Pedestrian traffic demand could be equally incorporated. When the left turn lane is occupied by several vehicles, technology could provide for a longer cycle, a shorter with fewer vehicles. Cyclical intersection traffic lights could be changed to flashing amber and cross traffic red, from late night to early morning.

Don’s intention is to save time, fuel and money. Seems like the above suggestions are reasonable.

Keith’s advice in preserving the charge in the hybrid models includes the purchase of “deep cycle” starting batteries, which do not deteriorate at the same rate as regular stock batteries. There are ways to recharge vehicle batteries which have been victims of sulfur buildup.

There are fancy battery chargers which can partially reverse this type of deterioration. Regardless of the present situation, battery technology advances appear to be the near future of transportation.

George had a simple solution for the school zone conundrum of recent columns. Make the signs read “when children are present.”

This would make hours of enforcement postings unnecessary and would cover weekend functions as well. Many others agree with the posting of the speed and replacing all school zone signs with playground signs. Charmaine wants school zone speed to be enforced from 6 a.m. to midnight.

She maintains the school schedule will have to be offered in three shifts a day, given social-distancing obligation of school districts. Early morning, midday and late afternoon may well be a reality in the fall. Regardless of the three above suggestions, most everyone agrees the present situation of school zone speed governance is untenable.

Barrie wants all drivers to be on the lookout for pedestrians wishing to cross the street controlled by a flashing green traffic light. This light is pedestrian controlled. Drivers should anticipate its cycle change as opposed to speed up in order to make it through prior to the change. Always be aware of pedestrians showing an intent to cross.

John thinks there could be a cancel button on the far side of the crosswalk at signalized intersections. This would allow a pedestrian to reduce the wait time for vehicles at such a governed crosswalk. His fear was that pranksters may press the cancel button early, to the detriment of following pedestrians.

He also asked a simple but relevant question. Why do pedestrian crossings not have full cycle traffic lights, including the three phases, green, amber, red? Consistency would be appreciated.

Senior drivers are collectively upset. What is bugging them?

Some are paying more than $200 in doctor fees in order to get a driving licence renewal at 80 years of age.

Every senior must go to the doctor for a general physical and cognitive test. A driving test may or may not be demanded as a result of these two tests.

There is no consideration of a past driving record. Seniors with unblemished driving records are seemingly treated the same as those with several violations and blamable crashes.

All are called to perform and pay! This severe treatment of senior drivers is a ticking political time bomb for government. Of all the emails received from column readers, seniors dominate. Their frustration is mounting. Beware!





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