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Yearly Archives: 2019

Steve Wallace: A silent threat to pedestrians’ safety

    Picture yourself walking at an average pace in a mall parking lot, only to be surprised by the presence of a motor vehicle travelling silently alongside your intended path of travel. This is the reality for many pedestrians… Read More…

Steve Wallace: Readers weigh in on road safety, ICBC

        Don was robbed. He had dutifully locked his vehicle and went to the trunk to retrieve some luggage prior to checking into his hotel. His vehicle was ransacked when he returned the next morning. Many new… Read More…

Steve Wallace: Don’t become a target when motoring alone

      Driving alone in both familiar and unfamiliar circumstances can be an intimidating experience, but drivers can take steps to reduce the stress, starting with basic preparation. Be confident about the route you have chosen. Where do you… Read More…

Steve Wallace: Be prepared for driving in the wetter months ahead

  Long, hotter summers with little precipitation make it doubly important to review the best way to drive in the rain. Changing the windshield wipers at least twice a year on electric vehicles is a good idea. Most professional drivers… Read More…

Steve Wallace: In safety, everything old is new again

          The modern urban “village” format is a means of having main-street traffic uninterrupted by natural through-traffic streets. Lower Cook Street Village, in Victoria, is the best example of this safety-minded street grid. Intersecting streets are… Read More…

Steve Wallace: A predictable path to better road safety

    Common sense seems all too uncommon in our traffic system. There are situations that should be easily understood, but appear to be a mystery to people using various means of transportation. Pedestrians are the most vulnerable of all… Read More…

Steve Wallace: Learn good habits of the best drivers

        Some of the best drivers on our roads demonstrate many consistent behaviours. Assessments of both individual and corporate clients yield many of the same safe driving habits. Here are some of them. Lane choice, on the… Read More…

Steve Wallace: New tech brings new licensing questions

    It’s that time of year again. Students are returning to regularly scheduled classes, much to the delight of many parents. The collective sigh of parental relief can be sensed in most every neighbourhood. Traffic signs in the shape… Read More…

Steve Wallace: The science behind designing our roads

      Traffic engineers do very good work. They are expert at moving all types of traffic from one place to another, if unencumbered by outside forces. A left turn onto a one-way street, at a solid red traffic… Read More…

Steve Wallace: Once more into the readers’ mailbag

    Qualifying to rent a vehicle in Britain has been a hassle for many people from Canada. The problem stems from the manual-shift designation request from British authorities. Readers of this column have been waiting for an answer to… Read More…

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